6 Best Steam Iron Brands Recommended for Home/Work

nomessin – Nowadays, many people are replacing traditional electric irons with steam iron products because they feel that they can provide many benefits.

One is because it can save time for ironing clothes.

Especially for those of you who are busy and don’t have time to iron clothes.

Then the steam iron product can be a very suitable choice.

1. Tobi steam iron

Tobi Travel Steamer

Steam Iron As Seen On Tv Tobi Travel Steamer

Practical Travel Steam Iron 

Perhaps this steam iron product is very suitable for those who travel a lot.

This iron is very convenient to use and carry anywhere. It is also lightweight and shaped like a stick which makes it easy to use without the need for a table.

It’s also easy to use, just hang up your clothes and you can start ironing.

So you can still dress elegantly and stylishly even when you are on vacation.

This iron works by flowing water through a heating element and then converting it to steam.

This hot steam is then released to soften the fabric or garment. When used, hot steam is continuously released to help keep clothes soft.

Its compact shape makes it easy to smooth the clothes inside.

The Tobi steam iron is also very safe for ironing all types of fabrics.

Although it is reasonably priced, this iron comes with a red wool plate feature that can be used to smooth clothes.

2. Panasonic Steam Iron

Panasonic Iron NI-P Series NI-P300T

Panasonic Iron NI P Series NI P300T

Advanced Technology Steam Iron at Affordable Price 

Who says that getting the best steam iron with advanced technology requires you to spend a lot of money?

You can get the NI-P300T from the Panasonic Iron NI-P Series as an option. Although it is sold at an affordable price, it has high quality

You need to know when to clean your iron. This rarely builds up calcium and clogs the steam vent. But this will not happen if you use a Panasonic steam iron.

Thanks to its automatic anti-calcium system, which can prevent blockage of the steam hole. So that the steam can be distributed evenly and get better ironing results.

This product is also equipped with steam settings that can be adjusted according to the type of fabric being ironed.

The Panasonic NI-P300T features a design designed so that users do not have to worry about cable twisting.

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This is because the coil cable used is designed using 360 . technology0 Angled wire so that it is not easily twisted when using it.

It is also easy for users to use because the handle is ergonomically designed so that it is very comfortable to hold.

Power consumption is also not high, only 1500 watts. So you don’t have to worry if your electric bill goes up.

3. Philips steam iron

Philips GC507

Steam Iron Philips GC507

Small Electric Hanging Steam Iron 

If you are looking for a low-power and energy-saving steam iron?

Then choosing a Philips steam iron you can make a recommendation.

This steam iron is specially designed to remove wrinkles from clothes easily and quickly. With 1500W power, you don’t have to worry if your electric bill becomes a waste.

This iron is equipped with an adjustable shaft and 3 steam settings that help provide the best results on different types of fabrics.

So you can use the Philips GC507 comfortably and safely on all types of clothing, even silk fabrics.

Equipped with a steam hose that uses silicone material, so it is safe and hygienic to use.

Until the time of purchase, you will receive gloves that can be used to protect your hands when steaming.

There is also a special clothes hanger, which makes it easy for you when you want to hang clothes when using this iron.

The most interesting thing is that this steam iron is equipped with a large enough water tank so that it takes longer to evaporate.

Don’t forget the Easy Rinse descaling cleaner so you can use it for longer.

Steam Iron Philips Perfect Care GC3920 / 24

Steam Iron Philips Perfect Care GC3920

Advanced steam iron with automatic temperature setting according to the type of fabric being ironed 

Most steam irons will require you to adjust the temperature used for certain types of fabrics.

However, with the Philips PerfectCare GC3920 / 24 steam iron, you do not need to bother to adjust the temperature.

This iron is equipped with automatic settings that can adjust the type of material being ironed.

Built in weight, Optimal TEMP technology allows the iron’s temperature to automatically adjust the material being ironed.

So you can iron safely and comfortably, without fear of damaging the fabric. You no longer need to sort clothes while ironing or waiting for the hot/cold iron. This iron is ready for any type of fabric and can be used at any time.

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Heating is offered very quickly with reliable performance.

Also, the steam of this iron is constant and strong enough that wrinkles in the fabric will disappear faster. It even penetrates the fabric so even stubborn wrinkles can be eliminated.

Coated with TeamGlide Plus’s exclusive titanium coating and 6 layers of highly advanced coating that makes it slippery when used on fabric.

It is also provided with anti-scratch, non-stick, which makes it easy to clean.

4. Xiaomi Steam Iron

Xiaomi Lofans YD-015BK

Xiaomi Lofans YD 015BK Steam Iron

Equipped with temperature settings for 10 types of fabric 

If you have a collection of clothes from different types of fabrics, you will probably find it very useful to get the Xiaomi Lofans YD-015BK Steam Iron.

This steamer is equipped with different settings for different types of fabrics. If other products only complement 3-4 temperature settings, but you can find up to 10 other types of settings.

This advanced iron has temperature settings for wool, silk, cotton, linen, woolen fabrics, fibres, nylon, cotton and linen fabrics, and many more.

Cool it again, this product is also equipped with an LCD screen that can show the temperature of the iron used.

Another development of this ironing product is the automatic power mode.

If you put the iron in the standing position for 8 minutes, the iron will turn off automatically.

So you don’t have to worry anymore if you forget to turn off the steam iron after use.

Another advantage is that the steam volume of this iron is up to 22 grams per minute.

But with all its sophistication, this iron is sold at a fairly affordable price.

5. Meco Steam Iron

Meco Elverde Meco Key Horizontal / Vertical Dry & Steam

Meco Eleverde Meco Horizontal Vertical Dry Steamer

Steam iron not just for clothes 

This steam iron is highly recommended if you are looking for a versatile steamer.

This is because its use can not only be used for clothing, but also for ironing curtains on the surface of the sofa.

Designed to be very attractive, it can not only be used on clothing.

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Starting with curtains, bedding and sofas, you can use a steam iron product.

Throughout the steaming period, the Miko steam iron can last up to 13 minutes without stopping. You can iron a lot of clothes so that you can get any work done quickly.

The algae design can also rotate up to 90 degrees, so it is very practical when using it because it can be maneuvered in all corners of the garment.

The Meco Eleverde steam iron is also equipped with a digital temperature display, so you can practically check the temperature being used.

Another advantage of this steam iron is to ensure that the water in the tank does not easily spill out or cause a short circuit. So it is very safe when used every day

6. Oxone Steam Iron

Oxone OX-839

Oxone OX 839. Steam Iron

Advanced Steam Iron 

If you are still a beginner and do not really understand how a steam iron works, this steam iron option can be the best recommendation as it is very easy to use.

Designed to be compact and portable, making it easy to carry anywhere while traveling.

You no longer need an ironing board, so it is very practical and hassle-free.

This product is also safe to use with all types of fabrics. No need to worry if your silk clothes get damaged when using this steam iron.

With a large enough water storage capacity of 2.5 liters, you can steam clothes for up to 90 minutes.

The most interesting thing is that when you buy this steam iron, you will not only get a steam iron product.

However, it is also equipped with an ironing rod, hanger and a steam iron hose. Complete, isn’t it?

So, these were some recommendations and picks for the best steam irons that can help you smooth clothes quickly and easily.

We hope the above information was useful to you.