iPhone WiFi Only Meaning (Cause + How to Solve)

nomessin – Iphone Showing strange symptoms such as typing WiFi only? In fact, there are some things that sometimes we need to understand because of a system error or our iPhone is experiencing Error.

For those with a similar situation, we will explain what iPhone WiFi only means with complete causes and how to overcome them.

There was also a trend of iPhone WiFi only merchandise which was also full of enthusiasts buying and selling forums and social media upload kiosks.

What does iPhone WiFi only mean? To be more clear, we will provide a review below. Please read the explanation in the content of the following article to the end.

Meaning of iPhone WiFi only

WiFi only means that the device can only be operated with WiFi only. So there is no connection activity using the cellular network because the mobile phone can only connect to WiFi.

Not only Iphone, but the term also applies to iPads. This is closely related to the network’s activity in Iphone Itself.

If you have heard news that some of the previous iPhone series which are not included in the national communication standards standards, the IMEI will be confiscated and the effect is that the SIM card cannot be used. The SIM card is the key to network activity, whether it’s a cellular signal or an Internet connection.

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In other words, you cannot make calls or send messages offline.

But you can still make calls The WhatsApp And Line, Beside Social media Others because activities like WiFi are still available.

It’s a little inconvenient, especially if we’re in a place with minimal wifi and need to call someone.

So it is important to be selective in choosing Iphone, especially used iPhones, try to reduce mobile phone blocking standards by IMEI.

Want to know the difference between a refurbished, exchange, and personal iPhone? We have explained more in The content of this article.

Cause iPhone WiFi only

In general, the reason for iPhone WiFi only is the failure of the IMEI registration under the provisions of the rules in Indonesia.

If the IMEI is blocked, you cannot do any network related activities Provider. For more details, we have summarized the explanation below:

1. IMEI Banned

If you want to buy a used or new iPhone, please pay attention iPhone location icon Originates.

Since many iPhones in circulation in Indonesia are iPhone Ex Inter, some of them do not meet the local IMEI standard.

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These goods usually enter illegally and do not pay taxes. This means that the IMEI of the mobile is not registered and will be blocked by the system as a form of user violation.

The effect is that if the IMEI is blocked, the network status will be monitored and you cannot use it for signals and the Internet.

2. iPhone Bypass

Overtaking method is a risky method for Iphone. The reason for solving lock problems on iPhone is bypassed where the bad effect is that iPhone can no longer operate the SIM card from the provider.

If the conditions are such, then the user can only use the iPhone with a capital for Wifi.

3. iPhone is under contract with the provider

There are several types of iPhone which when entering Indonesia cooperate with Provider emphasis.

The first is not random Provider Others can be entered Iphone And most of the iPhones that come with contracts when they enter Indonesia.

If the contract time has expired, then Iphone Only WiFi will apply and no SIM card can be used.

4. Broken device

The last possibility may be a hardware malfunction. Try to imagine if the hardware such as the SIM card slot is definitely damaged Iphone It will not be able to display the network status, let alone send the connection activity to Internet.

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How to Fix iPhone WiFi Only

After you understand the meaning of iPhone WiFi only, how to overcome it so that our cell phones are back to normal again.

Since this damage is classified as serious damage, first of all, first of all determine the reasons why our iPhone only tests WiFi, then take it to a technician who understands the problem. Iphone.

Because they are the ones who can break into the system to activate the IMEI, disassemble the device board and reconfirm it Iphone It will work normally again.

The last word

This is our explanation of what iPhone WiFi only means. Please refer to the above explanation so that we can understand more about the factors of damage that occur on our iPhone. I hope it is useful