Tutorial How to Rip / Burn CDs with Nero

nomessin – As in the previous method, which is Tutorial How to Burn a CD with Nero Burning is complete and easy. So this time the Tutorials will share with you how to burn/duplicate a CD/DVD using Nero StartSmart.

The goal in this method is to reproduce the CD or DVD in virus-free and not lost pieces. However, this method is strictly prohibited if it is abused for bad purposes.

In addition to hitting the CD as slices, we can also save the files on the CD in ISO or Nrg format.

By burning a CD either using Nero Startsmart or using Ultra ISO, Power ISO will make it easier for us to save the original file or the original CD. This is so that the original data is not lost or damaged.

For those who have saved the file as a CD, it is highly recommended to follow this method to completion. Follow the step-by-step tutorial below carefully.

How to Burn a CD Using Nero

Go ahead, here are the steps you have to follow in this tutorial

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How to Burn or Burn a CD/DVD Using Nero StartSmart

  1. Make sure Nero Startsmart software is installed on your Laptop/PC. if
    Not yet Please download online
  2. Equipping a CD/DVD room.
  3. Prepare a CD/DVD to be Burned or Burned

Steps to Burn CD/DVD

Insert the CD/DVD to be ripped/burned into the DVD room of your laptop/PC. Open the Nero Starsmart software, then select Use English when the language option appears. Wait for the program to appear. Choose a menu rip and burn at the top of the display.
How to Burn a CD With Nero

Then select Copy Disc as shown in the picture, select the language Use English again
How to Burn a CD With Nero

A screen like the image below will appear, then click the small arrow on the left for details.
How to Burn a CD With Nero

click Switch to Nero Burning ROM in the top left
How to Burn a CD With Nero

A new collection box will appear, click New
How to Burn a CD With Nero

Change the selection to photo recorder then press copy On the top.
How to Burn a CD With Nero

Then click Copy
How to Burn a CD With Nero

Choose the language to use English again. Wait for the command box to appear to save the file. Fill in your file name and click Memorizes
How to Burn a CD With Nero

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Wait for the build process to reach 100%, here the waiting time is according to the size of the file on the burned CD. If it is large, it will take a very long time. However, if the file is small, the waiting process will be faster
How to Burn a CD With Nero

After 100%, the CD will automatically eject and a message will appear as shown in the image.
How to Burn a CD With Nero

Change the setting to DVD Room, then click Cross/Close
How to Burn a CD With Nero

The copy process is complete. Moreover, if you want to start ripping your ripped CD/DVD, follow the steps below until you are done.

Start burning/burning CD/DVD

Open the copied file on your laptop/PC by clicking 2x
How to Burn a CD With Nero

Click Use English. The bulk copy box will appear. change Writing speed to 16x (2400 KB/sec), see image below.

Contents Number of copies according to your needs. This is to determine the number of CDs to make. For example, if you want to hit 10, hit 10. If you only want to make 5, just fill in only 5. See the picture below

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Then click Copy. Wait for the process. See the picture below
How to Burn a CD With Nero

When the writing process is 100%, the CD will automatically eject and please insert a blank CD/DVD again.
How to Burn a CD With Nero

Then, as above, to completion. The ripped CD is ready for use or storage. Been completed

This is the tutorial How to Rip / Burn a CD Using Nero. We hope that the way you share educational services is useful and can be used properly. Read also How to get rid of the positive Internet

Noticeable: Not all CDs/DVDs can be copied/burned. Because the CD can be protected by the company that first made it. It is wise to use this method for useful things. May you bless our fortune. Trustworthy