6 of the best PDF reader apps for Android

nomessin – The presence of smartphones has succeeded in changing the pattern of human activities. The function of this device is to perform practical activities such as communication, education, work and even daily needs with just one hand.

Now the phone can receive a response like opening a file in document format, either way Microsoft word As well as PDF files. You can even use files Android As a way to design documents, the task is much simpler.

Of course, on one condition, the new Android system can respond to commands to create documents with the help of an intermediary application. This tool acts as an intermediary for the device system Android With files as a form of access.

Below we are going to introduce some of the best PDF reader apps for Android phones, for those who have needs like reviewing file contents, editing file formats or even facilitating PDF files.

No need to worry, almost all types Android Already supported with this PDF reader app. So without exception, they can monitor all forms of documents in HP instantly.

Android PDF Reader Apps

Sometimes, some HP series are equipped with a PDF reader. But still few PDF application services are not available to read the contents of the document.

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Well, for users who are looking for a PDF reader app on their Android phone, please follow the full explanation below and choose one from the list of recommendation points from the following Kompiwin team.

1. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe is the developer responsible for PDF format ownership over file storage mode.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Besides available for version computer You can also easily get this app from Play Store service.

When you install Adobe Acrobat Reader, you will be given a choice between the standard, premium or paid version.

However, in the standard version, users have been facilitated such as media readers, document export services, creation of other file formats and support clouds.

2. word

Almost everyone is familiar with the app Microsoft word. This product is often installed in computer systems because the initial development base was for the PC version.

After many requests, Microsoft Office Finally expanded the application form Android.

Here you will get facilities like creating documents, reading documents including PDF file formats, almost similar to the functionality of Word on computer.

3. WPS Office

The following Android PDF Reader app is here WPS Office. The following applications are almost the same as the Microsoft Office applications.

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If you have installed the version computer 3 packages will be available which are WPS Writer, WPS Spreadsheet and WPS Presentation.

A useful version of the system has arrived Android You can download and install the following applications complete with their original functions i.e. as a maker, reader and planner for any type of document.

We have made a review about WPS Office as well as its features and functions on the website The content of this article.

4. XODO PDF Reader

The following list is an app called XODO PDF Reader. Apart from being able to read documents in PDF format, this app can also be an annotation editor/editor. In the application there are complete tools similar to Microsoft word.

The advantage is that you can sync with your Google Drive account. So that it can help to store files in the phone memory without worrying about the fullness. In addition to PDF, the system is supported by a file reader wordAnd Power point, And excel.

5. Foxit Mobile PDF

Foxit PDF Editor It is one of the best free PDF readers as there are many facilities and ability to process documents.

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In Foxit, it provides features like bookmarks and annotations, making it easy for users to archive important documents for easy retrieval.

Just like the others, Foxit is capable of document editing, document creation, image processing, and other text editing.

6. Cam Scanner

Finally, the best PDF reader app for Android is CamScanner. The following application can be said to be multifunctional, because apart from being able to read PDF file formats, you can also use it as a scanning tool.

So you can convert a physical book into a file softfileOther capabilities such as easy import and export of documents.

To get the CamScanner app, you can access it directly through the Playstore for free. Please install it in your HP.

The last word

This is our discussion of the PDF reader app for Android. Please choose one of the recommendations from the best apps above, because all that the Kompiwin team recommends is the best selling app. I hope it is useful