Top 7 Electric Stove Brand Recommendations

nomessin – Currently, the use of traditional fireplaces is increasingly being abandoned, and many people are choosing to use electric fireplaces because they are considered more practical, easy and also small in size.

So do not be surprised if the products of electric fireplaces are now increasingly popular among the public.

You can even place it directly on the dining table when you want to serve food directly. Due to its light weight, this electric stove is easy to transport anywhere. So there is nothing wrong if you are now beginning to switch to an electric stove.

1. Cyprus electric stove

Cyprus KL-0071

Cypriot electric stove KL 0071

Affordable Herga Electric Stove With Crystal Glass Design 

If you are looking for a charming design and affordable electric stove?

Then this Cypriot electric stove can be an option. Induction hob with a black design and a very elegant crystal glass top. Combined with its small size, it is easy to carry anywhere.

The electric power itself is in the range of 100-500 watts, so you don’t have to worry about your electricity bills that can go up every month. Although it sells for a fairly reasonable price, the features provided are quite complete for your daily cooking needs.

Such as 7 temperature settings, which makes it easy for you to cook all kinds of dishes with consistent maturity. For control, this electric stove is also equipped with a 4-digit LED display that makes it easy for you to check the temperature.

In addition, other advantages of this product are also its very safe use, as there is a sensor that makes the burner turn off automatically when the pan is raised.

2. Akebonno electric stove

Akebonno MSP-3101

Akebonno MSP 3101 Listrik Electric Stove

Infrared electric stove with 7 temperature settings 

Want a stove with infrared rays? Then you can make this product the best choice. This single burner stove has a power range of 100W – 1500W. Its flat glass surface makes it easy to clean.

There are 7 practical controls that you can use to cook different types of dishes.

Simply press the setting button according to the type of dish you are going to cook. Subsequently, this electric stove can instantly adjust the temperature to match the dish.

For those of you who want a consistent level of maturity for every dish. So it is the right choice to use this stove from Akebonno. Especially with the reasonable price, there is no need to dry the bag to be able to get it.

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3. Midea electric stove

Midea IC-1613

Midea IC 1613. Electric stove

Electric hob 1 oven with 8 power settings 

The Mide electric hob is equipped with 8 levels of power settings ranging from 120 watts to 1600 watts.

So you can adjust it yourself according to your cooking needs and of course this will save more energy used. This stove has a cooking mode intended for porridge (slow cooker), steamed, and boiled.

If you use a slow cooker or boil mode, the induction cooker will start working for the automatic heating function every two hours.

So you no longer need to worry when you want to cook later. For design issues, the body of this Midea electric stove uses a heat-resistant ceramic material. So it is very safe for daily use.

Compared to other hobs in general, an induction cooker will ensure an even distribution of heat throughout the cooking area. You can cook whatever you want using the variety of cooking modes available.

The Midea cooker is also designed to be simple, compact and compact. The size and shape of this electric stove is very feasible when you want to carry it while traveling. It is enough to just bring this stove, without having to carry small gas cylinders as when using a portable gas stove

4. Oxone electric stove

Oxone OX-655D

Oxone OX 655D Listrik Electric Stove

2 electric ovens with thermal features such as protection 

Speaking of the latest electric stoves, it is recommended to use the Oxone OX-655D electric stove. This electric stove uses selected stainless steel materials which are designed to be extremely luxurious and elegant.

Can be used with all types of pots that have a flat bottom surface. Cooking activities are now easier, faster and more energy efficient with this Oxone hob.

This portable stove is equipped with advanced thermal features that can ensure safety when using it.

This feature acts as protection and reduces the risk of overheating. There is an indicator light that turns off, making it easy for you to know the status of the stove.

Other safety features also included with this stove are the power light that turns on and the automatic safety when the stove is in use.

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The electric power of this stove is for the large oven with a capacity of 800W, while that for the small oven is 600W.

5. Philips electric stove

Philips HD-4932

Philips HD 4932. Electric stove

Advanced Electric Stove With Digital Setting Display 

Who does not know the brand Philips?

One of the well-known electronic brands has also released the best electric stove products that can meet the daily needs. If you want quality in an electric stove, then this Philips stove can be the best choice.

Equipped with a fairly long cable, about 1.2 meters which makes it easier for users to access the power supply. Not only that, this Philips hob also offers 6 cooking options that can be seen on the digital display, which are hot pot, fry, fry, stew, roast and steam/stew.

Its use is also very easy and safe due to its simple appearance and the panel uses heat-resistant glass. The electrical power used can be easily adjusted from 100 – 2100 watts.

So you don’t have to be afraid of wasting electricity bills, you can adjust it according to your needs.

6. Modena electric stove

Modena PI-1310 ESENTE


High Quality Ceramic Electric Hob

This modern induction hob with technology can generate heat that speeds up the transfer of heat to the used pan or pot.

This high quality ceramic hob is highly recommended for those who are looking for an electric hob that can be used to cook with ease and make cooking results even.

Its elegant and compact appearance will surely enhance the look of your home kitchen. The design is very simple and easy to use.

In addition, the safety of this electric stove is also very good, when the cooking utensils are removed from the stove, the stove will automatically stop working due to the action of sensors in it.

In addition, this portable industrial hob also allows for a faster cooking process thanks to the 1-9 level setting feature that complements it.

Even though it uses electric energy, you don’t have to fear if your electric bill becomes wasted. This Modena electric stove is completely energy efficient using 850-2000 watts of power.

Modena Cresta – BE 1325

Modena Cresta BE 1325 Electric Stove

Electric stove with safety residual heat indicator 

You don’t have to worry about safety when cooking with this Modena electric hob. If the stove is finished using and then turned off, the stove will usually stay hot for some time.

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This is dangerous sometimes because many people usually forget things like this.

However, the residual heat indicator feature on this stove will turn on the indicator light as a warning if the stove is still hot. Then it will go out on its own when the stove temperature drops.

So this stove is ideal if you need a safe kitchen environment, especially if there are many young children in your home.

This Modena electric stove also uses tempered glass for the cover plate on the heater.

This way it looks modern, but still challenging. It is very unfortunate because the use of electricity is very large, which is up to 2000 watts. But the plus side is that the cooking process will be much faster.

7. Rinnai electric stove

Rinnai RB-3002H-CB

Rinnai RB 3002H CB Electric Stove

Various security features ensure its use

The features in this Rinnai electric hob can really ensure safety in its use.

Starting with the child safety lock feature, which can protect children from the dangers of danger. In addition, there is also an automatic off switch that can automatically turn off the stove after not in use.

This hob is also equipped with 9 heat settings which can be seen on the stove’s touch screen.

The design is very simple and is equipped with two ovens covered with heat-resistant glass. However, it looks elegant with the predominant black color.

As for the price issue, this product is already sold at a rather expensive price. However, this corresponds to the quality provided.

So it is not wrong to choose this Rinnai electric hob as an option for cooking all kinds of dishes.

So, those were the various options for the latest electric stoves that you can choose from. From cheap to expensive, you can choose according to your needs.

So what are you waiting for, immediately replace your traditional gas stove with the newest electric stove for your cooking needs.