How TikTok Lives With Other Creators To Make It More Fun

nomessin – TikTok will be in 2021 The world’s most famous short video application. TikTok is also loved by many people of all ages, whether young, adult or old thanks to having a variety of features that can be used easily.

Besides being able to create short videos using the various video editing tools and effects available, TikTok also has a live streaming feature where you can use it to add or interact with followers.

This way you will attract more viewers and likes, and even allow you to get offers from other parties. However, it should be noted that not everyone can use the live streaming feature on TikTok due to special requirements such as the number of followers which must be 1,000 followers and over 16 years old.

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If your TikTok account meets these requirements and doesn’t know how to create Live Videos alone or with other creators, you can follow the steps below.

How to live alone on TikTok

  1. Open the TikTok app on your phone
  2. Go to the menu options row at the bottom + icon In the middle between the Discover and Inbox icons
  3. Journalism ‘go straight By sliding the menu options below next to the camera.
  4. Next, use the settings or settings like mute time to manage comments, live giveaways, ratings, comments, and more.
  5. Then choose a live broadcast topic if needed such as music, dance, beauty, fashion, outdoors, etc.
  6. Enter the title of the live broadcast in the “Add a title” that suits you.
  7. Done, you can also interact with viewers watching your live video
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How to live together on TikTok

  1. Do a live broadcast by yourself first
  2. Find and select the Go Live Together menu icon at the bottom of the screen
  3. Select the Invite menu to invite other creators or friends you want to inviteHow to live together on TikTok
  4. Choose whether the invitees will be hosts or guests
  5. A list of friends will appear and you choose who you want to live with.
  6. Wait for the invitation to be accepted.

Of course, so that the live broadcast is not boring, you need to prepare the supporting equipment in advance so that the audience can enjoy it.

Do not forget that the topic should be chosen long before the live broadcast so that the content presented is not outdated and interesting to talk about so that the audience can interact.

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You can also do other improvisations so that your live broadcasts can appeal to a large audience, such as giving a giveaway or collaborating with big name creators on TikTok.