What does Bubba’s iPhone really mean? We discuss here..

nomessin – There are many new terms about HP’s iPhones that we sometimes don’t understand. For example, in terms of genre, the iPhone has many names.

Such as Refurbished, Replacement, Inter, Dealer, and others.

Then a new name appeared recently, which is iPhone Boba … What does iPhone Boba really mean?

In the first place, the term is not Apple’s name, but rather the creative idea of ​​users who want to call their mobile phones unique terms, whether taken from similarity of shape or just a mutually agreed-upon designation.

So the name Boba iPhone is for the iPhone 11 series and above and this has arisen due to the vernacular trend of young people who love to create weird design ideas as it is based on the shape of the iPhone back camera.

Currently, the iPhone 11 series and above are still categorized as premium goods, and finally Apple just released the 13 series which is almost similar to the past two generations, the 11 and 12.

iPhone models have changed completely, starting with the front design with the iconic Home button, they are now starting to follow the market with a taste of full screen displays with minimal frame sizes or in other words. lower bezel.

For those who are curious about what Boba’s iPhone means for Apple users, please continue the discussion on the content of the article below until it’s finished.

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Understanding iPhone Boba

We are sometimes confused about how to understand the meaning of a sentence because often new terms appear which are popularized by the vernacular today.

Like this Boba iPhone example, if it lacks a reference source, it can be misunderstood and has different meanings.

If ordinary people had heard of iPhone Boba, they would surely find it easier to translate if the Apple manufacturer had released the iPhone variant of the boba drink.

However, the actual fact is that this designation was taken because the rear camera model of the iPhone 11 series and above, is similar to the boba model in contemporary drinks.

The new design of the new iPhone model has already become controversial, especially the rear camera.

The camera diameter tends to be larger, and there are plenty of them. The highest type has 3 large cameras and a small circular sensor.

While the lowest type is only available with two cameras, the location is still somewhat reasonable like a mobile phone in general.

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For the professional type, there are 3 cameras, and the location is intentionally asymmetric, which is probably what people see as a stack of layers of boba like in a drinking glass.

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Mention some of Bubba’s iPhone

It doesn’t stop there, the real meaning of Boba’s iPhone is also different. Such as iPhone Boba 2, iPhone Boba 3 and iPhone Boba 4.

So how do you know the difference? Let’s review together below in full.

1. Boba iPhone 2

The way to tell the difference is very easy, if boba 2 means it applies to iPhone 11-13 series with dual rear cameras.

You can find this variant on iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 13 mini, and regular iPhone 13.

For the 13 series, the camera 2 on the iPhone is cross-shaped, not vertical up and down as on the 11 and 12.

2. Boba iPhone 3

If we can see the Boba 3, there are 3 cameras behind it. The shape of the 3 camera is what dazzles the luxurious character of the top of the iPhone series. At the same time 3 cameras are available only for the medium to high type.

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For the 11 series, you can find it on the iPhone 11 Pro, then the iPhone 12 Pro, and finally the iPhone 13 Pro.

In fact, the Pro Max series also has 3 cameras, but if you look at the bottom, there is another circle, which is the sensor, which is why the iPhone Pro Max’s designation is different as well.

3. Boba iPhone 4

What we mean by the special designation of the iPhone Pro Max above is Boba 4. The camera in this series has three main cameras and a small circle below it as a sensor.

This is definitely the most expensive kind…especially if it’s not from the pro max series.


The last word

This is the true meaning of iPhone that you are curious about so far. It is now clear and hopefully there will be no misunderstanding about the slang term for boba drink with a mobile phone. I hope it is useful