How to check laptop keyboard

Nomessin – Keyboards are hardware (hardware) built into a laptop/notebook computer. Keyboards are also used in computers. The function of the keyboard is, of course, for typing, whether it is typing, calculating, driving a laptop / computer.

Laptop / computer otherwise the keyboard will work, because this is one of the important devices. The keyboard in Indonesian language also called the keyboard uses a combination of letters, numbers and function keys.

Another function of the keyboard is that it can replace the function of the mouse, although not all of them are replaceable. For example when we write a text or text. Without the need to use a mouse, we can save to a laptop / computer just by pressing CTRL + S key.

How to check laptop keyboard

Another example is when we print the results of typing, we simply press CTRL + P, there are many other examples. Using the mouse, click on the File menu and select Save.

With the importance of the meaning of the keyboard on a laptop / computer, then if one or many buttons / error is damaged, this will disrupt our work. Especially if the work is piling up and needs to be completed immediately.

Sometimes a button error is very annoying. Because the error button can often appear by constantly typing itself, for example, the D button is an error, sometimes the button is shown by constantly typing.

You should check first before replacing or buying a new one. On this occasion, we will discuss how to check laptop keyboard errors online and offline.

There are many ways to check broken keys on your keyboard, here are the steps. In this step, we will share the online and offline methods.

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In fact, it is also possible to check the keyboard without using an application or software. You just have to open Microsoft Word or Notepad and then try every key from alphabet to numbers.

How to check keyboard online

please write Then the site will be exited. then press Run the test device. You will be redirected to a keyboard verification page. Press all keys on the keyboard to see which one is wrong and it works.

How to check keyboard online

If there is a button that cannot be pressed or does not appear, then most likely the button is damaged or not working properly.

Sometimes the faulty keyboard presses constantly, and some won’t work at all despite being pressed. If you don’t have an internet connection or you’re somewhere far from the internet, the second step is to check if you’re using a keyboard test. Like the steps below

How to check keyboard offline

Please download keyboard test tool first by typing on your browser. Then after the download is complete, install it on your laptop/computer which will check the keyboard.

The keyboard test from this passmark is temporary, which means that within 30 days you will not be able to use the program. If you want to use the full version, you have to pay a few dollars to buy it. But I don’t recommend this method, just use the free version.

Once installed on your laptop/computer. Please open it and just press all the keys on the keyboard, later you will see which keys still work correctly, what are the errors.

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If there is an error or a dead button, the tester keyboard screen will be red and the screen that is still working properly will be green. Keyboard errors usually cause frequent beeps when turning on the laptop/computer.

Download Keyboard Tester

Apart from the above two methods, you can also check if the keyboard on your laptop or computer is faulty or damaged. If the use of the above software is not satisfactory, you can use other easy and complete versions of the software without the need to connect to the Internet, just download the most powerful keyboard test software and the administrator recommends it. please click Download Keyboard Tester Best. I hope it is useful

The following is also given on how to take care of your laptop keyboard so that you at least avoid mistakes. In addition to taking care, for laptop keyboards with errors, it is possible to fix them if the number of errors is only partial. So, read How to partially fix laptop keyboard error that we offer. We hope this helps to overcome the faulty or partially working laptop or laptop keyboard.

How to take care of the keyboard to last

Avoid dirt

Keyboards are often exposed to dust or dirt that gets flying and sticks between the keys. This will eventually cause the keys to become clogged with dust, which can cause a keyboard error. The solution is to clean the keyboard of dust with a small brush. It can be purchased at a computer store.

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Avoid pressing the keyboard too hard

Don’t type harshly when using a laptop/notebook. This can cause the button to break or malfunction. But when using a computer, typing out loud doesn’t have much effect. Because if your computer keyboard is faulty or damaged, it won’t be that expensive if you have to buy it.

Stay away from food and drink

When you eat or drink, keep it away from your laptop/computer. It is feared that if food or drink is accidentally spilled, it will cause an error in the keyboard.

Keep out of the reach of children

Children who do not know or do not believe that their laptop/computer can be damaged. So when you use it, it will be like playing, by arbitrary pressing, pressing the keyboard with your hands or other things. Keep laptop/computer away from children to avoid bad things we don’t want.

This is how to check laptop keyboard errors with ONLINE and OFFLINE and how to deal with them. We hope it is useful and can increase our knowledge in using this device.