How to decode and edit OBB data on Android phones

Nomessin – For those who love it for fun or want files in game applications, you must know the steps to decompile and edit OBB data on HP Android.

You can see the contents of the file after installing applications such as ZAchiver. Once installed, the next step is to insert the file and modify it according to what you want.

Sometimes OBB data change is used to introduce mod cheats, combination apps, and many other apps.

For example, when you want to download game A and it turns out that the game is paid in playstore. We can have the option to download the free version of the APK file and then modify the OBB file so that it can be used for free.

Lots of users Android Who want to know how to decode and edit OBB data on HP Android.

However, most of them are still confused about the location and location of this file. And after you find it, you can just make adjustments that you will feel easily for those who are used to it.

Understanding OBB Files

Before we get into the main discussion, it is best to first define what an OBB file is. So this file can be considered as an extension file and its function is to increase the complexity of the file games.

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The task of this OBB file will later learn about the different formats and the choice of the program used when opening the application games. Actually OBB is very complex because it can read all kinds of formats.

If the game does not have OBB data, the application will not work on Android Android. This data can be put into internal storage or external storage. It can be said that OBB’s role is as supplementary information, and not for personal information such as memorizing gameplay or the like.

Most OBB data is compressed into the format .rar or .zoom, so you need a new extractor app that can know all its contents.

How to decode and edit OBB data on Android phones

Before following the steps below, first make sure you prepare the extractor application in advance, there are two options, the first can be used: ZArchiver The second can be used Xplore.

In the content of this article, we will review how to decompress and edit OBB data on an Android phone using an app Xplore.

You can find the location of the OBB file in the Android Obb Game Name folder. So later on, you won’t need to be confused to see where to extract OBB data in each cell phone folder.

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Method 1: Empty the OBB data

At first, we will try to decompress the OBB file. Simply extract the file and then pay attention to the contents of the edited file. Please follow below steps to empty OBB data on Android phone:

  1. Download or install the app first Xplore.
  2. then Open application if it is already installed.
  3. Then go to the data folder opAs we explained above, first go inside device memory.
  4. After that click on the folder Android.
  5. Then go to the folder called obb.
  6. Here all the data from the game you installed will appear, choose one by put a mark.
  7. After that press and hold and Extract the file.
  8. It will show all unpacked OBB data, reconnect by selecting all data, tap and hold to select extract files.

Method 2: Edit the app

After successfully unpacking the OBB data, we continue to edit the application by changing the APK file to .zoom

After successfully changing the file format from .apk to .zip, all the installation setup data will appear in the file and we can start editing the application.

  1. Download a copy of the file APK of the application you want to edit. For example WhatsApp, download via Google Whatsapp APK.
  2. Installing the application ZArchiver.
  3. Open the app Xplore.
  4. Then find the location of the file APK.
  5. after that Press to hold APK file, and select Rename.
  6. on the back of”.APKPlease delete it and change it to.zoom“.
  7. After changing the file, please extract using the app ZArchiver.
  8. Modification File as desired, if you combine all files into one zip file again.
  9. Return to the application Xplore.
  10. Rename the file in the format .apk. The point is to turn the ZIP file back into the APK file again.
  11. Good luck and God bless you.
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The last word

These are the steps to dump and edit OBB data in the app on your Android phone.

We hope the above explanation was helpful and if there are questions related to the tutorial. Please write in the comments box yes..