Top 5 Brand Recommendations for Stand Mixers (Latest 2022)

Nomessin – This pandemic period forces people not to be free to move outside the home. With the limitations that exist, many people are trying things they’ve never done before and finally finding a new hobby, one of which is cooking.

Very few of them turned their new hobby into a home business. For those of you who love making cake or bread and want to sell them, use Blender Solid is one of the important keys.

Blender Good dough can be judged by the way the tool kneads the dough and the final result of the dough.

There are several types Blender Popularly sold, where it is most popular hand mixer And Blender. The most obvious difference is in terms of usage.

hand mixer It requires you to use a large bowl as a bowl for kneading the dough, while Blender Already equipped with a frame and bowl, easy for you to mix.

Buy Blender It can be considered an investment. Although some of them can be quite expensive, it is worth the end result of the food you make. There are some Brand Blender Available in the market, such as CosmosFrom Philips to Miyako, famous for its quality.

of various kinds Brand and pricing options, here are 5 recommendations Blender Best.

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Best mixer recommendation

1. Miyako Patissier SM-625


Blender This is the go-to product if you want to start learning how to make cupcakes. Blender This is popular for its nice price but unboxed quality.

By consuming 190 watts of electricity, the baking process is more efficient.

Miyako Designs Blender This is with the dough bowl lid to make sure the dough being kneaded will not splash out of the bowl.

stand mixer It also uses an automatic spin bowl so you don’t have to filter the bowl to make sure all the dough is mixed evenly.

2. Universe Patissier cm-1289


This Cosmos variant is widely used by people who have business in cakes. Cosmos Offers Blender High quality without requiring you to pay an exorbitant price.

Consuming 200 watts of electricity, you can make soft dough with the two whisks and beaters provided.

Cosmos Patissier It also has features Overheat protection To block the device Blender It heats up and spoils quickly.

Sometimes, multiple products Blender Which if used for a long time will get very hot and damage the engine Blender. Cosmos ensures that the engine motor is protected from High temperature or overheating to prevent the engine from burning.

3. Philips daily group Blender HR1559


stand mixer This is one Blender Many people prefer it because of the turbo function which saves electricity. Only by consuming 170 watts, you can make cakes delicate and expansion.

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thank you Blender It is made of stainless steel It is not easy to rust and easy for you to wash beater after use. There are 5 speed options that can help you control the texture of the dough you want.

Philips also offers Automatically driven bowl To make sure all the dough in the bowl is mixed evenly.

You don’t have to worry about the dough splashing or the machine being unbalanced, because Blender Equipped with a frame that ensures that the kneading process is not difficult.

4. Oxone Blender Signature Series 1200 Watts OX-859


Oxone has a good reputation in the world the bread They are known to have products that can help you knead different types of dough.

This product offers 4 types of beaters and you can choose the right tool for kneading the dough. On the other side, Blender It also has 9 speed levels to ensure the dough is kneaded and has the best texture.

Blender Can accommodate up to 5L capacity with large bowl stainless steel. Using 1200 watts of electrical power, you can make different types of cakes or other types of dough without fear of failure.

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Blender It also weighs 10 kilograms, so the kneading process will definitely take place in a stable manner without the possibility of the dough spilling out. Suitable for those of you who have cake or other food business.

5. Kitchenaid 6.9 Liter Lifting Bowl Patissier 5KSM7990XEWH

Kitchen Aid

Blender The last one on this list is Blender Which can provide maximum performance. Kitchen Aid is Brand Known to contain the best products for Blender.

These products are often found in large cake shops or used by professional cake makers. With a capacity of 6.9 liters, it will help you make a large number of cakes without having to waste a lot of time.

Ensures its sturdy frame Blender You work quietly and steadily. There are many features available in this product:

  • There are 7 options for speed,
  • Clean touch speed control To change the mixing speed by pressing the button,
  • wire guard and switch stop To make sure the dough stays in the container,
  • Soft start feature To prevent mixing dough into a mess.

So, which blender is your choice?